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Bill Simpson

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Bill Simpson
Sex Male
Other status(es) 81
Status Alive
Relatives Parents: Orville Simpson and Yuma Hickman

Brothers: Abraham Simpson, Cyrus Simpson, Hubert Simpson, Tyrone Simpson and Chet Simpson
Sister: Hortense Simpson
Sisters-in-Law: Mona Simpson, Rita LaFleur and Cyrus's 15 wives
Nephews: Homer Simpson, Herbert Powell and Frank Simpson
Nieces: Abbie Simpson and Valerie Rothman
Niece-in-Law: Marge Bouvier
Nephew-in-Law: Dave Rothman
Great-Nephews: Bart Simpson and Stanley Simpson
Great-Nieces: Lisa Simpson and Maggie Simpson

First Appearance "Million Dollar Abie"

William Arnold "Bill" Simpson is Abe's brother, and is apparently a communist. He is Abe's younger brother, Abe being five years older.

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