Medal of Homer
Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game
Five Characters in Search of an Author


Comic Book Guy's video game clichés

  • Lava: jump into the lava to get this cliché. "Lava. As original as sand, snow, water and jungle. That is - NOT ORIGINAL AT ALL!"
  • Elemental Enemies: you will get this cliché by interacting with the ice sumo wrestlers. "Nice. Steal from Dungeons and Dragons - for only the millionth time!"
  • Flying Boat: get to the flying boat. "A flying boat. What next, a underwater plane?"

Console Differences

  • In the Xbox and PS3 consoles Comic Book Guy Sumos come out of their designated areas into Mr. Sparkle's chamber (as in Fire Sumos come out of the Fire Area). The Fire and Ice sections are much larger, the Sky Ship doesn't have 3 Waves of Sumos, only one long time trial, and Sherri and Terri's well is on a cloud adjacent to the docking point of the Sky Ship. Sparklemon battles are playable.
  • In the PS2, Wii and PSP consoles Sparklemon battles are cutscenes and Homer and Lisa win no matter what. The anime costumes are unwearable other than this level. Sherri and Terri's well somehow appears when all three waves of Sumos have been defeated.
  • In the DS version, only Homer discovers Mr. Sparkle, the Fire and Ice sections are much shorter than the other consoles, the Sky Sumos don't try to disable the Sky Ship, Homer and Lisa gradually get to the ship by jumping off of and onto clouds and rainbows. Homer and Lisa don't have anime costumes.


  • The Wonderful Magical Animal, Homer summons is taken from the quote said in "Lisa the Vegetarian".
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