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Medal of Homer
Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game
Five Characters in Search of an Author

Homer Simpson

Through the level

  • You got to admit, the Japanese make a heck of a DVD player.
  • I think I could retire here.
  • Awww, I forgot to bring a sweater...
  • Aren't those lava things supposed to be the last level?
  • Ohhh, I don't know whether I'll be air-sick or seasick!
  • I didn't know Japan had a lava-y part.
  • The candy in my pocket is melting!
  • I'm tired and hungry and I'm in Japan!
  • Let's go, Lisa, let's go!
  • Hey everyone look! That's my daughter! Ah, no one's looking.
  • Let's give him that sumo that butt-kicking I taught you.
  • Yeah, Lisa! Smash him like Godzilla on Tokyo!
  • If I were more drunk, I wouldn't be so cold.
  • I wish we had time to build snow igloos.

Attacking enemies - Dirt Sumos

  • Shouldn't you stick to selling comic books?
  • Teach that lardass a lesson!
  • Dude, you need a shower!
  • I will destroy you, dirty guy!
  • I win because I fight dirty! Right?
  • I killed the world's fattest dirty guy!
  • So long, Comic Book Sumo!
  • When it comes to obese and obese violence, I'm number one!
  • You're finished! Now go take a shower!
  • Dirt warriors wanted to fight! Ah!

Attacking enemies - Fire Sumos

  • Your breath smells like pumice!
  • Ew, put some clothes on!
  • You can't spell Flame without LAME!
  • What's this weird loser have against us?
  • You couldn't even light a charcoal briquette, neither can I.
  • Keep attacking: you need the exercise!
  • You fire guys are easy! 
  • You're not so tough!
  • I really thought you would be harder.
  • You're extinguished, fire dude!
  • You're all sizzle and no steak! Mmmm...steak...

Attacking enemies - Ice Sumos

  • Frosty the Snowman kisses your mother!
  • Hey! It's the icy-type one of these guys!
  • Come on Ice sumo, you're embarassing yourself!
  • You're a tub of lard and that's coming from me!
  • I'm cold and you're ugly, but tomorrow I'll be warm!
  • There's nothing angrier than a half-frozen fatso.
  • Hey ice! You've been melted! Heh heh!
  • I've done so much fighting, I didn't even have a chance to sightsee!
  • Ice belongs at the bottom of the urinal!
  • Won't you snow-themed Comic Book Guys ever learn?
  • Get up! Get up! I wanna beat you again! Get oh... He's not getting up.
  • If I licked you, my tongue would stick.

Attacking enemies - Sky Sumos

  • Bring it, skyhole.
  • Sky Sumo! Come out and play!
  • Is the rain your pee? Let's fight!
  • I'm going to shove clouds down your throat!
  • I'm gonna swab this deck with your butt!
  • Get down and steer it, loser!
  • Roll! Crawl away and lick your wounds.
  • I'm the skipper of this sky boat!

Lisa Simpson

Through the level

  • This level is so educational.
  • I'm sensing some volcanic activity here, dad. Seeing it, I mean.
  • How can a cold place be so near a hot place?
  • Ooh! I always wanted to be a sto-away!
  • I've been taken back to the era of the floating world!
  • Ooh, I wonder what period this boating's from. Edo? Nara? Yayoi?
  • I'll come back here when I join the Peace Corps!
  • What's the difference between lava and magma again?
  • Dad, don't try to grill anything over this lava.
  • Whew! I could go for a cool glass of lemonade.
  • Boy, I could go for a juicy hot daikon radish right now.

Attacking enemies - Dirt Sumos

  • You Americans shouldn't sumo wrestle, you stink!
  • When you fight a sumo, don't step out of the ring or smell his thongs!
  • Take him to the mat!
  • You're a culture vampire!
  • Ugh! That guy needs a week in a bath house!

Attacking enemies - Fire Sumos

  • You couldn't even singe a newspaper!
  • You couldn't flame a blog post!
  • Take it to the burn ward, fire sumo!
  • You're hosed, fire!

Attacking enemies - Ice Sumos

  • Must be chilly without a shirt on!
  • You have bigger boobs than my mom!
  • I heard the Dirt Sumos think you're lame.
  • Let's become friends, I'm sure we have some common interests. Taxonomy? Know huh?
  • Oh no! Since this is cold, it's gonna hurt even worse!
  • Go inside and grab some cocoa, loser!
  • Why are you on the ground? Make a snowangel!
  • Want me to call your big fat mommy?!
  • Aww... Did a mean little girl hurt you?
  • Aww... Big baby fall down go boom.

Attacking enemies - Sky Sumos

  • You're not a very nice host!
  • If I were Mr. Dirt, I'd totally fire you!
  • Off to Davy Jones' locker!
  • Sayonara, Mr. Sumo!
  • You should be demoted to Ice Sumo!
  • I'm in your sky ship, killing your sumos!
  • Can't we just enjoy the nice view?!
  • Oh no, I think we just met our cruise directors!
  • I'm killing all of you!

Comic Book Guy

Dirt Sumo

  • I've never liked you Simpsons!
  • I have landed on my health bar!
  • Yes, you're about to be killed by a man in a diaper!
  • I may be fat but I can move!
  • It's smushing time!
  • I'm Fat Man and you're Nagasaki!
  • Here comes a-trouble!
  • What a dishonour!
  • Where am I? Oh, right...
  • What have we here? Tourists?
  • Sumo is the Shinto art of loser stomping!
  • They call me Dirt Sumo because I fight dirty!
  • I'm not afraid to hurt an old man and a little girl.
  • I played a lot of videogames, you're going to lose.
  • Well, if it isn't some North American scum?
  • You knocked me out of my mawashi!
  • Kon'nichiwa, adversaries!

Fire Sumo

  • Every light must fade, every heart returns to darkness.
  • Oooh, what a pretty fire!
  • We got incoming!
  • My flame! It's expiring!
  • I burn like Cyndaquil!
  • Prepare to eat phlogiston!
  • I have the power of Firestorm and the beauty of Starfire!
  • Flame on!
  • Such a waste of good fireworks, just to get rid of vermin like you!
  • If you mess with a fire sumo, you get the burn.
  • Only a flesh wound. It's a quote from Final Fantasy IX! Ha ha!
  • I don't cook, I'm a scary and powerful fire demon!
  • Beating you would be a singe!
  • Burn, Simpsons, burn I say!
  • Tetsuooo!!
  • I'm just going to break for lunch.

Ice Sumo

  • I'm a lion in winter. A 'lion' on the ground.
  • ♪ Killing in a winter wonderland! ♫
  • Here comes the abominable snow nerd!
  • We're going to flame you! Oh wait, we're ice now. Sorry.
  • Ice see them!
  • The beautiful...
  • Is it getting cold yet, Simpsons?
  • There's "snow" business, like "ice sumo" business!
  • Right in me snowballs!
  • I can't get up! I can't get up!
  • Oh, I am undone!
  • I'm going to ski-stroy you!
  • I'll freezer burn you like a pack of chicken breasts!
  • Welcome to Hoth and I am the Wampa!
  • Ow! My equilibrium!

Sky Sumo

  • I will finish you quick because I am hungry.
  • Owie, ow, ow!
  • I'm fat and I attack!
  • Look out! I'm attacking now!
  • Here comes the pain!
  • You bullies! The nerds will become champions one day!
  • Ow! My coccyx!
  • By Miyazaki, I will destroy you!
  • Oh my goodness, this will be good!
  • Hey! You! Get off of my camp cruiser!
  • I have sustained an injury.
  • This ship isn't big enough for the two of us!
  • It's Wednesday. Need to go buy comics.


  • Lisa, I'm looking at you! Is it weird?
  • I liked it back here in the horizon!
  • You're all gonna pay!
  • Irrashaimase, Lisa. That means "Welcome". The "Lisa" means Lisa.
  • No offence, Mr. Simpson, but I got to destroy you. Sorry.
  • Ohhh, why didn't they render my inhaler? (wheezes)
  • Hurry up with this level! I got to go home and do homework!
  • This suit is riding up on me!
  • Check it out! I'm HUGE!