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Big Bird

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Big Bird
250px-Big Bird
Species Bird
Gender Male
Status Alive
Color Yellow
Job TV character
First Appearance "A Fish Called Selma" (Portrait)
"Missionary: Impossible" (First appeared)
Voiced by Carroll Spinney (as a Muppet)

Big Bird is a crossover character from Sesame Street. He is one of the main characters of the show.


He appears in A Fish Called Selma in a portrait. When Homer tried to dodge paying his PBS pledge, Big Bird was one of the PBS characters chasing him. Chief Wiggum wears a sweater with Big Bird pushing Elmo onto a saw. Moe saw a DVD of Big Bird in China and at a hockey game Homer watched, Big Bird was joined by Elmo and Count von Count waiting for the ring to be free so they could perform Sesame Street on ice.


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