Echo Canyon
Bart's Nightmare
Homer: Bart. Bart. Time for your Sunday night bath, boy.
Bart: Gotta hide.
(Bart hides in the closet)
Homer: Bart! Uh.... where are you, boy?
Bart: [belches] Oops.. (sometimes replaced by a fart)
Homer: Aha! (Homer grabs Bart and take him into the bathroom) There you go. Now, that's not so bad, is it? Scrub good now!
Bart: (turns on hot water) Ah.... (in French accent) Welcome to the exotic world... of undersea explorer, Bart Simpson. Come with Bart as he dive into the briny deep... searching for the wily and elusive washcloth. Suddenly, without warning, the brave boy get more than he bargained for. (Gurgling) Help! Help! (In normal voice) Help! Help!
(Homer opens the door and the waters went washed away)
Bart: Clean as a whistle, Homer.
(Homer growls and chased naked Bart away)

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