The Land of Chocolate (The Simpsons Game)
Bartman Begins
Around the World in 80 Bites


  • We need to call in some back-up. It's a fat guy and a little kid.
  • Let me show you to the exit!
  • You want some of this, pally?
  • Don't worry, they love fat guys and little kids in jail.
  • You messed with the wrong pally, boy-o!
  • You didn't make a suggested donation!
  • Let me introduce you to my nightstick!
  • Oh, you offended my sensibility!
  • We can do the hard way or the harder way!

Sideshow Mel

  • Look! A rogue buffoon and his delinquent son!

Homer Simpson

Around certain parts of the level

  • Is it amazing that we evolve from all of this stuff?
  • Finding this cave was a life-changing experience. Or did Moe find it? Oh, who cares. Stupid cave!
  • Now where did I put that gun?
  • Bart, it's not polite to walk on the walls. You'll get them all fingerprint-y.
  • You did it boy! You saved me.... after leaving me behind to rot..... WHY YOU LITTLE!
  • Wow, so this is the future!
  • [on a pressure pad] What the heck?!
  • [on a pressure pad] If I step on these things, I go down. I'm a freakin' genius!
  • Ooh, a temple! I hope there's latkes.
  • Gee, I wonder who invented this place. Probably Einstein.
  • You know, despite the human sacrifices, these Aztecs were okay.
  • Don't mind if I do!
  • Heheheh. Boobs!
  • Oh, why does Bart always get the sexy platforms?
  • I'm gonna hold my breath, you count! Along with that.
  • Can you see where I keep the beer from up there?
  • Bart, I'm bored! Entertain me. Please!

Attacking enemies

  • "Oh no! The pretend police are mad!"
  • You're supposed to guard, not taunt!
  • I thought you guys were supposed to be courteous.
  • Our mission is to stop the bully, oh but I do love beating guards!
  • Nice one, guard tard!
  • Hahaha! Funny man go boom!
  • Wish I could lie down!
  • That's how I roll!
  • Now who stinks?
  • They may become deadly fighting machines so fast!
  • That's my boy!
  • They become deadly fighting machines so fast....
  • Way to give them guff!
  • Aw, I had twenty bucks on the guard.
  • That's a good, healthy hatred of authority.
  • Wish my dad had taken me brawling.
  • (laughs) I heard the funny man.
  • (whispering) I think he's dead...

Bart Simpson

Around certain parts of the level

  • Whoa, this room would be a great place for a skate park!
  • Cool! I'm looking around in cave just like the real Batman, I mean Bartman. I hope DC didn't hear that.
  • Today I am a man.
  • Just thought I'd drop in.
  • It would be embarrassing if I was thwarted by this glass.
  • The only thing standing between us is this glass.
  • Hey Homer I need a fat ass of our fat ball.
  • Homer! Come here, I need your obesity!

Attacking enemies

  • My superpowers are no match for your flashlight!
  • Technically, they're on our side but let's get 'em anyway!
  • Sorry, did I wake you?
  • I learnt better taunts than Ralph.
  • Ha! Next time, you'll think twice about doing your job!
  • Oh geez! I hope he has health insurance!
  • Good idea, you guard the floor.
  • Sleep well, sweet idiot!
  • I am the greatest!
  • SCUM!
  • Don't take anything you can't take back.
  • You're a disgrace to the plastic badge!
  • If a uniform makes a man, you're a pretty crappy man.
  • Good use of violence, Dad!
  • Nicely done Dad!
  • Hope the security cameras didn't see that Dad!
  • Way to throw your weight around, Homer!
  • I told Mom you were a complete loser.


  • I hope karma doesn't see this.
  • Wanna piece of me?
  • My superpower is anger.
  • Look at me! I'm Walker, Texas Ranger!
  • The bully has become the nerd!
  • Careful. I have a child to care for.
  • No fair!

Planetorium Curator

  • The sun is a mass of incandescant gas. A giant nuclear furnace.
  • The Earth is covered by three quarters of water. The water of life.
  • Mercury was named after the Roman god Mercury, a winged messenger.
  • The thick clouds that cover Venus create a greenhouse effect. That keeps it in a toasty 8640 degrees fahrenheit.
  • The asteroid belt separates the four inner planets from the five outer planets. My belt separates my gut from my junk.
  • Saturn's seven rings are made of billions of ice particles. Just like the heart of my ex-wife.
  • Constant storms rage on the surfaces of Neptune. Who'd I screw to get a cup of coffee around here? I've recorded this stuff for hours, yeesh!
  • Pluto is not yet studied closely by a space program 'cause it's bo-ring.
  • How often are you supposed to wash your hair? It's bad if you do it everyday, right?
  • In college, I ate another guy's barf to get into a fraternity.
  • Armageddon: best second act in movie history.
  • What's with Flava Flav and the clock?
  • Funny story: I killed the guy who's supposed to make me read the stuff about the planets.
Jimbo Jones: Remember, people, we came to this museum to steal, not learn. Don't look at any of the displays, stay focused!
Homer Simpson: [when Bart steps on another platform, which turns out to be breasts of the woman statue] Heheheh, boobs!
Bart SimpsonToday, I am a man.

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