The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace
Bart the Mother
Treehouse of Horror IX
Bart: Won't you get in trouble if your Mom sees you doing that?
Nelson: Eh, my Mom's got bigger problems. She doesn't give a crap what I do.
Bart: Wow, you are so lucky.
Nelson: Come on, let's lock and load. You're not going out without a scarf, are you?
Bart: Nah, I don't need one.
Nelson: Hmm. It's your health.

Marge: That was no accident. Shame on you, Nelson!
Nelson: Cram it, ma'am!

Nelson: Hot food is tempting, but I can't say no to a weapon.

Bart: Cats like me.

Homer: I see a horn.

Bart: Not the face!

Homer: Mail call! Gather 'round, everyone! All right, one for resident.
Marge: That's me!
Homer: Well, that's it.
Bart: One stinkin' letter? Why'd you make us gather 'round like that?
Homer: I needed my power fix.

Marge (to Bart) You stay away from Nelson Muntz.
Bart: But Mom!
Marge: Nelson's a troubled, lonely, sad little boy. He needs to be isolated from everyone.
Bart: But Mom!
Marge: Yes?
Bart: That's all I got.

Nelson: (mocking Bart) Whoa, look at me, I'm Bart Simpson! I'm scared to use a gun! I wanna marry Milhouse! I walk around like this, La, la, la, la, la la...

Homer: Milhouse!!
Milhouse: What?!
Homer: Tell Bart to come home!!
Milhouse: I think he's at Nelson's!!
Homer: Who's Nelson?!

Marge: Bart! Did you kill that poor bird?
Bart: I didn't mean to, Mom. The gun pulled to the left.
Marge: You disobeyed me, snuck over here, and murdered a helpless animal?
Bart: I know, I really screwed up. I deserve to be punished.
Marge: What's the point, Bart? I punish, and I punish, and I punish, but it never sinks in. So you know what? Do what you want. You wanna play with little hoodlums, fine. Have fun killing things.

Troy McClure: Hi, I'm Troy McClure. You may remember me from such nature films as "Earwigs, Ew!" and "Man Versus Nature: The Road to Victory."

Billy: (about the baby birds) They look awfully hungry, Mr. McClure.
Troy McClure: They sure are, Billy. In nature, their mother would regurgitate food for them to eat.
Billy: That's gross!
Troy McClure: (laughs) It sure is, Billy. It sure is.

Homer: Man, it feels good to get out of that car. Ooh, go-karts!

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