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Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror is Bongo Comics's annual horror comic. It is published around September-October, for Halloween, and takes its name from the annual "Treehouse of Horror" episodes of The Simpsons. The comics feature guest artists and writers, typically parody the conventions of modern horror stories and films, and feature distorted version of the people of Springfield, like the TV episodes.

In Britain, these are printed as part of the normal Simpsons Comics rotation. Some people call them the "Simpsons Halloween Annuals."


  • Issue #1-September 1995
    • "Little Shop of Homers" - Homer receives a deadly plant a la The Little Shop of Horrors that resembles him.
    • "Call Me Homer" - An ancestor of Homer plays the role of Ishmael in a parody of Moby Dick.
    • "Bart People" - Bart is cursed to transform into a black panther.
  • Issue #2-September 1996
  • Issue #3-September 1997
    • "The Immigration of the Body Snatchers" - Pods from outer space start to steal the bodies of the people in Springfield in a parody of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
    • "Fatal Reception" - On Halloween night, Homer begins seeing images about his favorite things in life being tortured in one way or another from his television.
  • Issue #4-September 1998
    • "I Faced Tahn-Enn-Bahm, The Christmas Tree From Another World" - Lisa tries to stop a Christmas tree-like alien race from invading earth.
    • "The Illustrative Man" - Bart and Lisa start seeing stories in tattoos that cover a circus freak's body.
  • Issue #5-September 1999
    • "Dark Lisa" - Lisa gets mutant powers from accidentally eating mutated fish.
    • "Xt'tapalatakettle's Day" - The dead start rising when Homer eats offerings to the god Xt'tapalatakettle.
    • "Apu on Rigel 7" - Apu is transported to Rigel 7 where he helps Kang defeat a dictator that looks like Mr. Burns.
  • Issue #6-September 2000
  • Issue #7-September 2001
    • "In Springfield No-One Can Hear You SCREAM" - Bart has a nightmare in a parody of the Alien movies.
    • "I'm Not in Springfield Anymore!" - A parody of The Wizard of Oz starring Lisa as Dorothy, Homer as the Scarecrow and Burns as the Wicked Witch.
    • "Homererectus" - Homer is thawed out of an ice block in the 1700s. the name is a pun of the species "Homo Erectus".
    • "Catastrophe in Substitute Springfields!" - Pro. Frink's invention goes wrong when Homer tries to make a clone.
  • Issue #8-September 2002
    • "Night of Nineteen Screams" - Grampa accidentally kills The Simpsons family who are now ghosts.
    • "Krustine" - Krusty sells his car to Homer who doesn't know that the car is notorious for eating clowns and other cars.
    • "Tales from the Kwik-E-Mart" - The Simpsons are attacked by breakfast cereal icons.
    • "The Power Plant of Pain" - Burns' version of the alphabet taken to a new level beginning with "A" for "Axe Murder" to "Z" for the Zombies that are the result of nuclear poisoning.
  • Issue #9-September 2003
    • "Ring Around the Simpsons" - The Simpsons are warped into the world of Lord of the Rings.
    • "The True Story of Jack the Ripper" - Burns murders women in Old England.
    • "The Cask of Amontilla-D'oh!" - A parody of the classic Poe story.
  • Issue #10-September 2004
    • "Bart Simmons: God of Thunder" - Bart is the thunder godchild of KISS singer Gene Simmons.
    • "The Legend of Batterface"
    • "House of a Thousand Donuts" - a name parody of House of 1000 Corpses.
    • "Scareway to Heaven" - Pat Boone helps the Flanders fight Satan.
  • Issue #11-September 2005
    • "The Sub-Basement of Dracula" - Homer, Bart and Lisa fight vampires led by Mr. Burns.
    • "Two Tickets to Heck" - Bart and Lisa enter a theme-park Haunted House that seems to be more realistic than they imagined.
    • "Squish Thing" - A parody of Swamp Thing with Homer as the eponymous monster after being fused with Squishees.
  • Issue #12-September 2006
    • "Homer's Ark!" - God instructs Homer to build an ark in order for him to spray the earth for roaches.
    • "Blood Curse of the Evil Fairies" - Bart tells a sinister rendition of a fairy tale involving Homer finding and killing a fairy when he leaves her trapped in a jar.
    • "Willie: Portrait of a Groundskeeper" - Groundskeeper Willie receives an emu instead of a Russian bride, but loves it nonetheless. When Homer kills and eats the emu, Willie is driven to madness-provoked revenge.
  • Issue #13-September 2007
    • "Gnaws" - A three-eyed fish turns into a giant and brutally eats the inhabitants of Springfield in a parody of Jaws.
    • "They Draw" - Lenny finds out that he's living in a comic book.
    • "Prop, Prop, Whiz, Whiz" - Comic Book Guy's cursed props trap anyone who touches them inside the movie or show they're from.
    • "The Pygmy Elixir" - Mr. Burns tries to get a youth elixir from Pygmy Cannibals that look exactly like Bart.
  • Issue #14-September 2008
    • "30 Days of D'oh" - In a parody of 30 Days of Night, Homer accidentally causes a black cloud to appear out of the Power Plant, causing everyone that comes in contact with it to turn into hungry zombie/vampires.
    • "Murder, He Wrote" - In a parody of Death Note, Bart discovers a black notebook that kills anyone that gets their name written into it.
    • "Homerstein Conquers The World" -
  • Issue #15-November 2009
    • Cloud 13 -Lisa has bad dreams on the coach and the Simpsons crash and their dead bodies kill the alive bodies.
    • The Call Of Vegulu -Mr burns and Krusty are survants of Vegulu and the Vegulu will destroy earth.
    • Blurst Agin! -Bart blows up his head by acne from a pipe. 
    • Mo' Bodies Moe Problems
    • The Gods Must Be Lazy!
    • C.H.U.M
    • Boo-tleg
    • Three Little Kids
    • Bad Milhouse
    • The Slipsons
  • Issue #16-September 2010
  • Issue #17
  • Issue #18
  • Issue #19-September 2013
    • Monster Mash-up -Homer is driving home to be in time for trick or treating. He then spots a house with a sign outside stating: 'Suds 'N' Sinkers!  Grand Opening! FREE BEER AND DONUTS!'. Homer decides he can have a quick look inside. He goes inside and starts to feel like he is in a haunted house. There are many doors and hallways to choose from. He goes through on of the doors where he see Patty and Selma who resemble witches. They say that he may become a werewolf. Suddeny Apu jumps off a cliff as a werewolf. Homer runs back into the hallways of the house. He opens another door. This room has an Ancient Egyptian theme. A mummy comes out of a coffin before Homer's eyes. Homer thinks he works at the place and asks him where the beer and donuts are. Suddenly the mummy unwraps himself to show himself as a a mash-up of a demonic clown (Krusty), cenobite (Pinhead) and a Mummy. Homer runs out as fast as he can! He opens another door to an apocalyptic room. There is rubble and ruins of buildings. He expects to see Zombies. Sure enough zombies appear.Homer tries another door which ends up being a gateway to hell. Mayor Quimby is a head on the body of a skeleton. He announces that he has found the cure to fiscal obesity. Also reverend Lovejoy is satan. Homer goes to a final door which leads to a cemetery. He sees a gravestone marked Marge Simpson. He wonders how Marge could be dead. Marge's ghost comes out from the ground and tells Homer that he could become a ghost too and they could rule the night. But then Marge grows fangs and chases Homer out fo the room. But then Homer thinks to himself that he loves Marge as a creepy ghost or as a human. So he goes back into the room and gives ghost marge a kiss. Suddenly the whole building goes into self-destruct mode and the house disappears. Homer thinks he was meant to learn something from this ordeal, but decides to get into his car and get away. We cut to Kang and Kodos who had built the house to observe human behaviour. But Homer's love for Marge had ruined the experiment. So they then one of the aliens sighs and says they have to go back to doing cavity probes. Then the other one says don't pretend you don't like it. The other one agrees and they fly away in their UFO.
    • Alienated! -Bart gets Lunchlady Doris fired for using school supplies in the kid's lunches. They are replaced by new mysterious lunchladies who leave the food at the counter but never come out. The food tastes extremely good too. Lisa is worried and goes to Prof. Frink to analyse her lunch. They discover that none of the ingredients are from Earth. He does a test on Lisa and finds that her IQ is heightening by 1 every minute. He gives Lisa the proof to stop the new food. But Lisa thinks that her school could use some smartening up. The kid's slowly start transforming into rigelians. They are now super smart. Bart changes Homer's car to go twice the speed of light. Parents are concerned and call a town meeting for C.R.A.P. (Concerned Resposible Adult Parents) conference. They agree that their children are turning into monsters. Then Grandpa (Abraham Simpson) says this is nothing new. He says that parents are always worried that there children are acting different to them and that it is normal. Suddenly Bart and Lisa burst through the wall of the town hall and tell all the citizens to go to the town square to face their doom. The two mysterious lunchladies reveal themselves to be Kang and Kodos. They tell Springfield they are doomed. But they have forgotten their plan. Then they have something too eat. They reveal themselves to be eating junkfood from Krusty Burger. Slowly Kang and Kodos are becoming dumber and are turning into humans. Prof. Frink realises that Krusty Burger's junkfood is having the opposite effect to the food at the school cafeteria. The nearly human Kang and Kodos flee to their UFO, but reveal that they have forgotten how to fly it.  Kang and Kodos are captured and are forced to work off the damage they committed by working at Krusty Burger. The school chlidren are forced to eat junkfood from Krusty Burger until they revert back to their human form. A now human Bart thanks Krusty for saving the human race with the junkfood. He gives Bart a burger on the house. He then rings Planet Krustoon to tell them that humans are too stupid to fight them and that the invasion should go on tonight! And from the darkside of the moon a bunch of UFOs with Krsuty like aliens descends upon Earth.
    • Cthulu? Gesundheit! -In the story Skinner has had enough of Bart and tells him and Milhouse to clean up the school's old library. While Milhouse gets to work Bart looks for something interesting. He soon finds the necronomicon. They then use the old books to build a staircase to escape through through a school window. They  go home and Bart realises that the necronomicon is the book of the dead and tells the history of the monster gods called the called the great old ones. The book also shows them how to summon them and make them do their bidding. Bart decides to summon Cthulu to get revenge on Skinner. At first nothing happens, but slowly as they walk around town tentacles appear and kill and muilate people. These included Jimbo, Kearny and Dolph. They discover that they really did summon Cthulu and decide to make Cthulu attack Skinner. Cthulu attacks Skinner at Bart's will. But soon Cthulu was out of control and was attacking everyone on sight! Bart and Milhouse go home to try and figure out how to get rid of Cthulu using the Necronomicon. Santa's Little Helper got the book first and transforms into a hell dog then a squid like monster. Bart can't find the answers in the book and suddenly a tentacle knocks him out. He wakes up and goes down for breakfast and finds that everyone has been turned into a minion of Cthulu and possess many squid like traits. They are also eating Milhouse for breakfast.


As with most Bongo comics, trade paperbacks collecting issues have been released. These are:

  • Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror: Heebie-Jeebie Hullabaloo -Issues #1-3
  • Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror: Spine-Tingling Spooktacular -Issues #4-6 (Issue #6 is continued in the next book.)
  • The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror: Fun Filled Frightfest -Issues #6-7
  • The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror: Hoodoo Voodoo Brouhaha -Issues #8-9
  • The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror: Dead Mans Jest -Issues #10-11
  • The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror: From Beyond The Grave # 12-13

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