Rod and Todd Flanders are upset because Sunday school is cancelled. Bart decides to tell them three bible stories to substitute to its kind :

Storie 1.

The Prodigal Son

Bart is given a large bag of money by Homer so he decides to spend it all with Milhouse. After they accidentally destroy the Tower of Babel by removing some scaffolding, Bart is robbed by Snake posing as a fortune teller. Milhouse leaves with Martin who has his own bag of money and Bart returns home to apologize for wasting his money. Homer decides to celebrate this by eating the family's fatted calf.

Storie 2.

Abraham's Sacrifice

God tells Abraham Simpson to sacrifice his young son, Homer. Abe keeps forgetting until Homer is an adult. They go to a mountain and prepare a fire for Homer to walk into. God tells Abe he doesn't need to sacrifice Homer anymore but Abe mishears him and tells Homer to go into the fire. Abe manages to put out Homer before he is killed.

Storie 3.

Noah's Ark

God tells Noah (Ned Flanders), the only good man on Earth to build an ark for an upcoming flood so he and his family can be spared. Homer hears about God's plan while eavesdropping so he and his family disguise themselves as griffins and jackalopes to sneak onto the ark. Homer provokes a goat which accidentally knocks Maude overboard. After 40 days Noah discovers the Simpson family stealing all the animals' food just as the ark reaches land. It is then revealed that everyone was saved from the flood by Leprechauns who were angry at God for leaving them behind. God punishes the Leprechauns by leaving rainbows to show everyone where their pots of gold are hidden.


After telling the stories, Bart takes Rod and Todd's bikes, as they have no money for his collection plate.