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Bart's Hiccups

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Bart's Hiccups
The Money Jar
Bart's Hiccups
Air Date March 13, 1988
Production Code MG26
Writer Matt Groening

Bart's Hiccups is the twenty-sixth Simpsons short and originally aired on The Tracey Ullman Show March 13, 1988.

Plot Edit

Bart has the hiccups and Lisa and Maggie are trying to get rid of them in unorthodox ways. The first thing they do is put milk, ice cream, maple syrup, cream of broccoli, and hot sauce together in a blender and serve it to Bart. The hiccups do not go away and Lisa says, "I knew it. Not enough hot sauce." Then, Lisa and Maggie put Bart in a chair and spin him around. Once he gets up he is dizzy and still has the hiccups. For the final treatment, they do the previous two techniques followed by a scare treatment (which is showing him a picture of Dad). After they do all of it, Lisa pronounces Bart cured as Bart tries to hide another hiccup.

The Bart Homer Simpsons Episode Bart's Hiccups01:13

The Bart Homer Simpsons Episode Bart's Hiccups

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