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Bart's Nightmare
Bart of the Jungle
Marge: Hey! There's only one cookie left!
Homer: All right, who swiped the rest of them!
Lisa: Don't look at us, Dad!
Bart: (moans, then belches) Why'd I eat all those cookies?
Homer: Lay off those cookies, boy!
Marge: That jar is off limits, Bart. And if I catch you with so much as one cookie...
Lisa: Mom! Dad! Bart's eating cookies!
Maggie: (sucks on her pacifier)
Bart: (lands on a giant sized kitchen) No! No! No!
Homer: Why you little!
Bart: I didn't do it! I didn't do it! I didn't do it!
(dissolve to Bart's bedroom)
Bart: I didn't do it... I didn't do it...
Homer: Wake up, Bart!
Bart: Ohhhhh...
Homer: Come on, snap out of it, boy!
Bart: (Lisa slaps Bart's head) Huh?
Lisa: You were only having a nightmare, Bart.
Bart: Ohhhhh...
Homer: Yeah, boy. Everything's going to be okay.
Marge: It was all a dream.
Homer: Here, Bart. Have a cookie!
Bart: (screams)

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