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The Man Who Came to Be Dinner
Bart's New Friend
The Musk Who Fell to Earth

  • A fan of the baseball team the Chicago Cubs is shown at Don Bookner's retirement party.
  • Marge mentions Homer's thumb being cut off (Trilogy of Error).
  • Before the end of the episode, a shot of Maggie is shown where she is dressed in Liberty Leading the People and holding a flag which reads "Je Suis Charlie" (I Am Charlie) in memory of the people killed in the shooting at Charlie Hebdo in France.
  • The silhouettes of the characters from Mystery Science Theater 3000 are shown at the movie theater.
  • Homer spray-paints his graffiti nickname El Homo on a wall, just as he did in Large Marge.
  • Booths at the circus include : Freaks and Geeks, a reference to the TV show Freaks and Geeks, which Judd Apatow is executive producer of. A booth of Drillbit Taylor(with a drill bit through his face cheeks), a reference to the movie character Drillbit Taylor. A booth of the 400-Year-Old Virgin, a reference to The 40-Year-Old Virgin movie and a booth with a man with the world's longest fingernails, which Homer breaks.
  • Bart eats some Celtic Charms for breakfast, which are a parody of the cereal Lucky Charms.
  • Lisa performs the song Baker Street on her saxaphone for Homer and an audience of her stuffed toys.
  • Sven Golly's name is a reference to Svengali, a fictional character in George du Maurier's 1895 novel Trilby.The word svengali refers to a person who, with evil intent, dominates, manipulates and controls a person.
  • Just before Homer is re-hypnotized to regain his adult consciousness, he tells Bart to "stay ten forever." The irony in this statement is Bart has been ten years old for the last 26 years.
  • The Final scene shows Sven Golly Imprisoned deep beneath the Police station in a isolated Plastic Prison exactly like Magneto's cell in the X Men movies.


  • Lisa performs the song Baker Street on her saxaphone for Homer and an audience of her stuffed toys. She previously played this song in Lisa's Sax.
  • When Marge explains to Homer about the time his thumb came off, it could have been a reference to Trilogy of Error when Marge accidentally chops off Homer's thumb.


  • Homer was also hypnotised by Mesmerino, a hypnotist who works at the restaurant The Pimento Grove. He hypnotised Homer into thinking he was twelve years old again. Homer then recalls a memory of him finding a dead body. [1]
  • Almost at the end of the episode, a small tape is shown, with a sad Maggie holding a flag reading "Je suis Charlie", a homenage to the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack in Paris, France.

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