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Invasion of the Yokel-Snatchers
Bargain Bin

Homer Simpson

  • You solved a puzzle! Nerd!
  • As much as I hate them, we have to save the freaks!
  • Bart, hurry up! Floppy Bart's nearly dead!
  • 5 bucks and Spore never gets released!

8-Bit Homer

  • Now I'll never live my lifelong dream of starting an emu farm...
  • Hurry smooth Simpsons! We're almost goners!
  • Someone stop this crazy thing!
  • Mmm... death.
  • Oh, I feel a shooting pain in my everywhere!

8-Bit Marge

  • Don't hate 'cause we're ugly!
  • Put in another quarter, I want more life!
  • We might not make it...I should have worn a nicer dress.
  • I think I left the oven on!

Bart Simpson

  • Way to use your pea-brain, Homer!
  • Nothing's smarter than us!
  • Aww, dad, I no longer think you're as dumb as a rock...
  • Nice dad, you're like a morbidly obese Sherlock Holmes!

8-Bit Bart

  • Save the Bartman. Save the Bartman.
  • Save my old-school butt!
  • I'm gonna die as an underachiever and proud of it!
  • Cowabunga. I need help! Cowabunga!
  • I'll never see... the boat show!
    • (weakly) Cowabunga... Dead!

Will Wright


  • Any game without "sim" in its name is stupid, except Spore.
  • You're not so great, I made out with a girl.
  • Behold! My incredible beauty!
  • Worship me - I am a near-sighted god!
  • You're not girls, so I'm not afraid of you.
  • This isn't right, who put you up to this? Was it those jerks at EA? They hate me, you know. They're all jealous of me! Jealous, I tell ya!

(Player picks up collectibles)

  • I remember when I cared about picking up collectibles. Good times. 
  • You waste your time...while I invent other games with Sim in the title! SimHotDog! SimGarbageTruck! Sim...DuckFarm!
  • (Robotically) Stopping for non-essential collectibles during timed puzzle. Not logical. Does not compute.

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