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First seen in the episode where Marge becomes a real estate agent. Homer buys the car at a police auction and is seen by Snake, both at the auction, and driving it later by Homer. At the auction, he declared that he would kill whoever buys it, the 2nd time, shouts advice to Homer as he drives away about his using the wrong fuel type. Snake later has a brawl with Homer while driving the car, ending in a crash with a house Marge had just sold. Since the real estate manager mentioned the car in a list of insurance claims, it is possible the car was destroyed/totalled, never to be seen again. Some references claim to place it as background in future episodes, but this could be any of Snake's hot rod type cars, of which many are red 1960s muscle cars. The name "Lil' Bandit" as named by Snake, is likely a reference to the popular movie, "Smoky and the Bandit", in which Burt Reynolds drives a 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am with 400 V8 engine, and possibly sharing an outlaw kinship with the Burt Reynolds Bandit. The "Lil' Bandit" car was a 1968 Pontiac Firebird, which may (since it was named after the Bandit) or may not have a 400 V8 motor. Sharing a manufacturer and similar engine are the only justifiable reasons for the name, since the Burt Reynolds car was a fast back coupe, and the Lil' Bandit was a convertible.