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Bambi Bouvier (née Petitbois), occasionally referred to as Great-Grandma Bouvier is the daughter of Henri Petitbois and Marie St. Jacques.

She married Pépé Bouvier and had five children: Clancy Bouvier, Charlene Bouvier, JoJo Bouvier, Chester Bouvier and Arthur Bouvier. Like most Bouvier women, she smoked.

Bambi is the paternal grandmother of Marge Simpson and Patty and Selma Bouvier and the great-grandmother of Bart Simpson, Hugo Simpson II (non-canon), Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson, and Ling Bouvier (adopted).

In her youth she was a flapper. When Marge was young, she owned a dog named Fetchy. She once told Marge the song "Brandy" was based on Marge's grandfather's life. Selma Bouvier sung "Brandy" as lullaby to Lisa Simpson.[1]

She had a secret drinking problem and bought a Confederate themed Liquor Lad whiskey bottle to conceal it. In an attempt to hide the fact that she had a drinking problem, she claimed that the bottle was actually a family heirloom that dated back from the Civil War. Marge Simpson never found out about it until she attempted to sell it to Cockamamie's nostalgia shop to get enough money to fix their gas main.[2]



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