Bartman Begins
Around the World in 80 Bites
Lisa the Tree Hugger (The Simpsons Game)

Homer Simpson

Around certain parts of the level

  • That super taco was a little dry...
  • G'day, vegemite!
  • Hey! That's a spicy meats-a-ball!
  • (crying) Oh super meatball, I hardly knew you...
  • The USA: love it or eat it!
  • I don't think I've seen such a beautiful sight.
  • USA! USA! USA!

Attacking enemies

  • You're so much worse than me!
  • Sit on it!
  • You take regular-sized bites!
  • I can beat you with my mouth tied behind my back!
  • You can't win if you lose! Think about it!
  • You're hurt! Hahaha!
  • Hey, don't hurt me when you get up!
  • Hey, don't look at me like that!
  • You look stupid!
  • In your face!
  • Now I'm in your head!
  • Stay down, idiot!
  • Get used to it, jerk!
  • I'm king of the world!
  • Woohoo!
  • Enjoy losing, loser!
  • Shut up your mouth!

Bart Simpson

Around certain parts of the level

  • That's a good shape for him!
  • Ew France, what's worse? Its cheese or its citizens?
  • Cool, Scotland! I've never been to Africa.
  • Ah Mexico! Where the mice are speedy and the food is delicioso.
  • Italy! Where noodles are called pasta and pasta is called super-pasta!
  • What you got, America Land?!

Attacking enemies

  • You couldn't even carry Homer's barf bag!
  • You're fired!
  • Booyah!
  • Sock it to 'em dad, sock everybody!
  • There's more of that came from!
  • Hit first, think later!
  • Walk it off!
  • Tough luck, fatty!
  • Bart, one. Loser, nothing!


  • These contestants have ice water running through their stomachs.
  • Duff is not responsible for contestants turning into balls.
  • Is it bad if one of your thumbs is bigger than the other?
  • Just hope that no one pulls a jaw muscle.
  • Crumbs seem to be everywhere.
  • If Duffman stayed in school, Duffman would be far, far away from here...oh yeah...
  • I have never seen gulping of this magnitude!
  • We are witnessing a clinic in over-eating!
  • Oh yeah! Duffman just remembered he left his sunglasses in the garage!
  • The carnage on eating is truly overwhelming... (vomits) ...oh yeah...bleurgh...
  • This is unparalleled eating insanity!
  • The moment of silence for the super taco. Oh yeah!
  • Welcome to America Land: where the portions of heart attacks are massive!
  • Ooh! Lady Liberty is going to feel that in the morning!
  • Lady Liberty has been dealt a severe blow.

Barney Gumble

  • (Upon seeing Bart as Bartman) Hey! Bart's wearing a costume! Happy Halloween, Bart!
  • Hey. Why is that French fry wearing a cape?
  • Winners first!
  • Down the hatch!
  • No time to savour!
  • Goes down smooth!
  • He's even rounder!
  • Homer, have you lost weight?
  • Oh... I'll never be a good ball!
  • Help! An angry round Homer!
  • Hey Homer. How did you get so perfectly spherical?
  • No time to digest!
  • I'll eat your dust!
  • I'm going to crush you like a...(belches)
  • You couldn't eat a horse!
  • I have more hunger in my little finger than you have in your whole body.
  • You're welcome at second place!

Comic Book Guy

  • Excuse me! Hot soup!
  • Go-go Gadget Stomach!
  • This Bartman is much more impressive than the dance of the same name.
  • Step aside for Jeff Albertson!
  • This is a Bizarro world, so you lose!
  • Back of the line!
  • Worst eating contestant ever!
  • Fat loser coming through!
  • Prepare for yet another failure!
  • Help me Spock!
  • Um, personal space!
  • Thank you, may I have another?
  • Resistance is futile.
  • It's the Blob!
  • Ooh... Simpson's fatter than me. That's fat!
  • Homer looks like a big yellow Death Star!
  • That's no Moon! That's Homer Simpson!
  • What happened to his bones?

Clancy Wiggum

  • I should lock you up for impersonating an eater!
  • You can't handle Clancy!
  • Pardon my gut!
  • Obese officer coming through!
  • Great, a masked vigilante! Less work for me!
  • Officer down! Officer down!
  • I need backup!
  • Hey! This is my jurisdiction!
  • Here comes Big Wiggy!
  • I really am a pig!
  • So much better than Sarah's cooking.
  • I surrender! Take my badge!
  • I got a 315 in progress. Citizen becoming a giant ball!
  • Damn Simpson, you're fatter and rounder than my fatter and rounder brother!

Groundskeeper Willie

  • Screw you!
  • You'll smell of gravy and vomit!
  • Off with yer muckers!
  • Give up now, laddy. You don't have the mouth for this!
  • Willy's too slippery with yer English!
  • Ye never tangle with a greased Scotsman.
  • Never bump a Scotsman.
  • You torn my kilt!
  • You smell of rotten haggis!
  • You'll pay for that!
  • More please!
  • Clean plate club.
  • Oh, I have to loosen my kilt.
  • A Scotsman's never full!
  • No one's hungrier than Willie!
  • Drunk maniac coming through!

Bumblebee Man

  • Ay, es mucho boo-boo!
  • Mucho gusto!
  • Sayonara!

Otto Mann

  • Don't make me go Metallica on your asses!
  • I am Golden God, so move!
  • I'm gonna run you over like a pedestrian!
  • I'm too hardcore for you!
  • Back on the bus!
  • Sorry to eat and run!
  • For those about to eat, I salute you.
  • Don't make Otto mess you up!
  • Do you know the stairway to give up?
  • Whoa! It's Batman, but it's Bart!
  • Clear a path for the monster of rock!
  • Homer's so big! This better be a hallucination.
  • Homer is fatter than a pink fluid pig!

Kearney Zzyzwicz

  • (Upon seeing Bart as Bartman) Who are you supposed to be? Dorkman?
  • (Upon seeing Bart as Bartman) Check out Bart: he's a superpowered loser!
  • (Upon seeing Bart as Bartman) Bart may be stronger than me, but his cape is lame!
  • Shove off!
  • I'll stomp on your face!
  • Eat wristband, lamewad!
  • You eat like a wimp!
  • My wrists are getting too fat for my wristbands!
  • You can't bully on an empty stomach!
  • I respect your dislike of nerds but that's it!
  • Chewing is almost good as punching!
  • Same time tomorrow, food!
  • This isn't over, food!
  • Nobody pushes Kearney, nobody!
  • I'm stealing your lunch!
  • Don't mess with a 200 lb 5th grader!
  • I'm the boss of YOU!
  • Revenge is the best vengeance!
  • Whoa! Bart's dad is huge!
  • Homer is bigger than the biggest butt in the world.
  • Somebody pop him!
  • I'm establishing goals and working towards them!

(The contestants speeches)
Groundskeeper Willie: I dedicate this gorging, to me dearly departed mother. She choked during a haggis eating contest.
Bumblebee Man: Hoy recuperare mi dignidad! (Today I will recover my dignity)
Comic Book Guy: With great hunger, comes great responsibility.

Homer Simpson: I hope I win. Last year, I was the first guy to barf.
Moe Szyslak: Barf? Please, in this we refer to it as a 'Roman Incident'.
Homer: That does sound a lot classier.
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