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Aristotle Amadopolis is the owner of the Shelbyville Nuclear Power Plant, as well as the rival of Charles Montgomery Burns.


He was introduced to Homer by Mr. Burns after Homer unwittingly "saves" the plant from a total meltdown. Amadopolis wanted Homer to give a pep talk to his plant's lackluster workers about what it means to be a valuable employee. Homer was, however, hesitant to accept, but Burns forces him into it. At the Shelbyville nuclear power plant, Homer gave a bumbling speech when an impending meltdown threatened the Shelbyville plant. They all turned to "Hero Homer" and ushered him into the control room, asking him to perform his heroic deeds once more. In front of everyone, Homer repeated his juvenile rhyme that saved him the first time and presses a button blindly and once more by sheer dumb luck, he manages to avert this meltdown as well. Amadopolis was bewildered that his supposed "hero" was such an idiot. But Homer is even more widely derided as a lucky imbecile than he was hailed as a hero, and "to pull a Homer" becomes a widely-used phrase meaning "to succeed despite idiocy".

Comic Book SeriesEdit

As seen in "The Buck Stops Everywhere," Amadopolis is a member of the Fat Cats a gang dedicated to shunning minimum wage workers. Other members include C. Montgomery Burns and The Monopoly Man. They are seen escaping from a helicopter made of gold to escape from minimum wage workers.

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  • His name and accent indicate that he is of Greek descent.
  • Aristotle has a right-hand man named Mr. Fredericks, who is much like Burns' assistant, Waylon Smithers.

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