The Truth About Cats and Mice
Are You Gonna Eat That?
Art for Bart's Sake

In Springfield Elementary, the freezer is broken and all the food inside it will spoil. To turn it into something positive, Principal Skinner declares and 'All-You-Can Eat-Day' as a reward for excellent behavior. Bart, Nelson, Jimbo, Wendell and Milhouse create an eating contest. In the first round, everyone has to eat as many fish sticks as they can. Jimbo remembers he's allergic to fish and starts hallucinating and seeing Led Zeppelin. In the second round, everyone has to eat as many brussel sprouts as they can. Wendell is sick. In the third round, Milhouse, Nelson and Bart have a warm milk chug. Milhouse complains as he says he has lactose issues. He ends up going crazy and pouring his milk everywhere. In the fourth round, bart and Nelson eat as much Jiggly-O gelatin as they can, however, nobody is knocked out. Mrs. Krabappel offers them some mint ice cream. Bart makes a 'hot dog sundae' by putting ketchup, mustard and cheese on his ice cream. In thew end, Bart wins the eating contest.

Bart Simpson Comics Stories 51-100
Bart Simpson Comics
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