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Another day is a song by Paul McCartney partly sung by Edna Krabappel in "Bart Gets a "Z" "


Paul McCartney:

Every day she takes a morning bath to wet her hair,
Wraps a towel around her
As shes heading for the bedroom chair,
Its just another day.
Slipping into stockings,
Stepping into shoes...


This will be a good day.This will be a good day! This will be a good day! (Smiles)

Woman in the TV exercise show:

...And five, and six. Oh, yeah!

(Edna trys to do the sit up but fails)

Paul McCartney:

...At the office where the papers grow she takes a break...

Woman in the TV exercise show:

Your man is gonna love those sexy new abs!

Paul McCartney:

...Drinks another coffee

And she finds it hard to stay awake,

It's just another day. du du du du du
It's just another day. du du du du du

Paul & Edna:

It's just another day!

A group of high school students:

(Laugh)Check it out! That crazy lady sings an a-million-old song!

(The car is gone but the laugh continues)

Behind the laughter

The song was recorded in January 1971. That's why the high school students call it "an a-million-old song".

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