Caroling Bart is an animated Christmas decoration made in 2002 and is based on the Simpsons character "Bart Simpson". He sways his head back and forth and sings a parody of "Jingle bells" and says many phrases.


Aye, Carumba!

My powers of deduction tell me you're getting a handmade sweater, possibly yellow.

Dear Santa, I can't promise I'll try to be good, but I'll try to try.

Hot stuff coming through!

(sigh) why does Christmas never end?

Oh boy its Christmas day gov'na have a little figgy pudding and a snifter of yuletide log

one more lump of coal and I'm outta here

(sigh) those aluminum kiech trees are so fake, from now on, the Simpsons are plastic all the way

why would Santa choose to live in the north pole when he could live in Vegas

and for the office of Christmas turkey i nominate my dad, homer Simpson

(laughs) I knew Santa wouldn't have time to check that list twice

Dear Santa, I haven't been good this year, but I make everyone else look good so that should count as something!

Dear Santa, If you bring me lots of good stuff,I promise I won't do anything bad from now until I wake up.


Santas best made an animated bart elf with the same song in 2012