Angry Dad: The Movie was a film adaption of Bart's semi-autobiographical web cartoon series, Angry Dad. It was originally a full length feature film but due to negative reaction from the audience at a private screening Bart was very disappointed. Lisa convinces Bart to turn it into a shortfilm. When it became a hit, Homer took all the credit at all the award shows. Bart tricked Homer and Marge to visit other places while Bart took his speech. A group on teenagers drove Homer and Marge to the award show. Later, Bart regrets that he took all the credit. It ends with them making trophies for everyone.


The movie starts out with Angry Dad at the Kwik-E-Mart. When the shopkeeper bans him from getting free refunds, Angry Dad sucks a dam of water.


The original feature length cut of the film received negative reaction from audience at a private screening, leading to the movie being cut down to a short film. The final cut received critical acclaim and received multiple awards.


Homer Simpson - Angry Dad

Squeaky-Voiced Teen - Store Owner