Angel skeleton
If you're so sure what it ain't, how 'bout telling us what it am?
―Moe, to Lisa
Speaking from a strictly medical point of view…that ain't right.
―Dr. Hibbert

The Angel Fossil (aka the Springfield Angel)[1] was a supposed skeleton of an angel that was excavated by Lisa at Sabertooth Meadow, the soon-to-be sight of a new mega mall.

The skeleton created a scandal in the town, and sparked age-old debates of science vs. religion.

As it turns out, the skeleton was a hoax to advertise the new mall, aptly named the Heavenly Hills.

Behind the laughter

A scene explaining the contents of the skeleton, which included plaster, among other things, was not used in the finalized episode.[2]

Angel fossil Tapped Out

Tapped Out



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