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The Amendment To Be sings a right-wing parody of the 70s Schoolhouse Rock educational song, "I'm Just a Bill". When a boy walks by the Capitol building and notes all the garbage near the steps, the Amendment to Be corrects him and states that he isn't garbage, but the draft of an amendment to legalize police brutality towards liberals who burn American flags, as making a law that does this would be deemed unconstitutional. He also mentions that if people are opposed to his being inserted, he will crush all opposition, including Ted Kennedy, as well as hinting that he'll expose that he's gay if he even attempts to fight back. He luckily doesn't have to, however, as a congressman tells him that he's been ratified. However, he does lead more Amendments-to-be into Congress (with bombs and guns).

Bart and Lisa weren't impressed with this cartoon, especially after it replaced the then-cancelled Itchy and Scratchy Show. Bart also speculates that they could "thin out the Generation-X's numbers" by instigating another Vietnam War. Lisa also remarks that cartoons do inspire violence, striking Bart in her anger at the lame cartoon.


  • He is voiced by Jack Sheldon, the original voice of the Schoolhouse Rock shorts.


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