Amber Pai Gow Simpson was Homer's former 'Vegas wife'.

Amber worked as a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is implied that she was also a prostitute.


Homer and Flanders went to Las Vegas for the weekend and got drunk, and met Amber and Ginger. In a drunken haze, they married the two women but abandoned them the next day, agreeing not to tell their families.[1]

Amber and Ginger later managed to track down Homer and Ned in Springfield. Homer attempted to annul his marriage to Amber, but it was upheld under Nevada law. To get her out of their lives, the Simpson family tricked Amber into marrying Grampa and agreeing to forsake her vows to Homer.[2]

Amber died of an overdose at a theme park in front of a sign warning guests not to stand up on a roller coaster. Her funeral was held in Springfield and attended by the Simpsons.[3]


  • Amber and Homer's marriage was bigamous as Homer and Marge were remarried at the end of A Milhouse Divided.