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Amber Simpson

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Amber Simpson
Amber Simpson
Sex Female
Status Deceased
Alias(es) Vegas Wife, Britney Beers, Vegas Mom, Malt Liquor Mommy (Bart)
Hair Red
Occupation Waitress
Relatives Husbands:
Abraham Simpson,
Homer Simpson

Bart Simpson,
Hugo Simpson
Lisa Simpson
Maggie Simpson

First Appearance "Viva Ned Flanders"
Voiced By Pamela Hayden

Amber Pai Gow Simpson was Homer's former 'Vegas wife'.


Homer and Flanders went to Las Vegas for the weekend and got drunk, and met two waitresses. Homer met Amber Pai Gow who he already knew from a previous relation ship, and Ned met Ginger. That night, they married those women.[1]

Homer Simpson and Amber Pai Gow knew eachother already, because Amber is actually Bart and Hugo Simpson's brith mother. In the show when they would talk about Bart as a baby they they would say that Marge was his birth mother to hide the truth from him. Homer married Amber but they got a devorce quickly after not knowing that she was pregnant with Bart Simpson. Homer then married Marge Bovier when Amber was unknowingly pregnent. When Amber found out, she dicided that she didn't want ant childeren so Marge and Homer agreed to take Bart when he was born.

Later, Homer and Amber meet in Vagas and re marry and the Simpson family trick Amber into marrying Grampa, and in doing so she forsakes all others.[2]

Amber died when she overdosed in front of the sign that says don't stand up on the rollercoaster in a theme park.

She is said to have also died when she stood up on a moving roller coaster and had her head cut off. She may have been drunk.[3] Ned's Vegas wife was Ginger Flanders.



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