All in the Family is a critically acclaimed sitcom about Archie Bunker and Carrol O'Connor. The Simpsons have parodied this show quite a few times.


  • "Lisa's Sax" - The beginning scene parodies the theme song for the show, with Homer and Marge singing a re-worked version of the theme song "Those Were the Days". After the song, Homer sees Bart and calls him "meathead", a nickname Archie frequently gives his son-in-law, Michael.
  • "Bart the Mother" - Bart quotes Archie by saying "Ipso, fasto" to Lisa.
  • "Make Room for Lisa" - While reading the Bill of Rights, Homer sits in Archie Bunker's chair at the museum.
  • "Homer to the Max" - One of the FOX shows advertised is "All in the Family 1999".