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Cultural References


  • Lurleen Lumpkin can be seen with the group of celebrities wearing a purple dress when Lisa sets Krusty up for laughs.
  • In the scene in Last Gasp with Krusty the Clown, when Krusty says "This is the lowest I've ever sunk and I once made out with a blow up doll.". The closed captioning replaces Blow up doll with Brett Butler.
  • Gabbo, a ventriloquist dummy who has appeared a few times in the series, makes a short appearance.
  • This is the second episode where a Simpson becomes a star after a hard time working for Krusty. The first was Bart Gets Famous.
  • The baby wipes Krusty endorsed in Norway, "Krusty Kloven Baby Visker" is real Norweigian for "Krusty the Clown Baby Wipes".
  • This episode had the second lowest ratings in Simpsons history, with just 6.11 million viewers.
  • Unlike most episodes, this one features narration by Sideshow Mel.
  • Lisa would later wear her orange formal dress again in "Angry Dad: The Movie".


  • In the flashback in the beginning of the episode, when Lisa is about to receive the award, Homer and Lenny are surprised, opening a bottle of champagne, but when this scene comes back at the end of the episode, they are happily applauding her.
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