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Alan Gumble
Al Gumble
Sex Male
Status Alive
Hair Gray
Occupation Owner of Barney's Bowlarama
Relatives Brother: Arnie Gumble (deceased)

Nephew: Barney Gumble Parents: Arnold Gumble, Sr. (1902 - 1962) and Peggy Prucilla Grimms (1905 - 1970) Wife: Karen Freedman (divorced) Nephew: Jeremy Freedman

First Appearance "And Maggie Makes Three"
Voiced By Hank Azaria

Alan "Al" Grimms-Gumble (b. 1933) is the owner of Barney's Bowlarama and is Barney Gumble's uncle. Barney supposedly sold Al the Bowlarama for a few pints of beer. He is also possibly the older brother of the late Arnold Arnie Gumble. Al is Arnold and Peggy's last son. Arnold got married to Peggy in 1925. A few months later, they had Arnie Gumble (Barney's dad). In 1926, they had Rudy Gumble, who died in 1944 because of a car accident. In 1930 they had their third child, Paula Gumble. She lives in New York. Then, she had Horrace Gumble in 1933, who died in a car accident in 1990. In 1936, they had Margareta Gumble, known primarily for her drinking problem, which brought on her early death in 1970. In 1938, they had Manfred "Manny" Gumble. He married Janet Nielsen and had 3 children, named Marvin, Julia and Alfred "Alf" Gumble. They had their last son, Alan, in 1943.

Alan doesn't have any children, but he's divorced to Karen Freedman (Lunch Lady Doris') sister-in-law.

Al is noteworthy for being a Gumble family member who is not completely identical to Barney, or share his voice and habit of burping profusely (Barney himself and all other Gumbles shown on the show share these traits.)

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