This article is about Adam West the character. For the actor, please see Adam West.

Adam West was an American actor whom Homer helped after he started his own snow plowing business. Adam later gave the job to Barney after he became better than Homer was in the plowing business. He was also seen by Bart and Milhouse while they were watching an episode of the 1960s TV show Batman with Krusty in it. Adam played the role of Batman in the TV series and the two boys later copied one of the stunts they saw on the program.

West appeared again in the Simpsons-Family Guy crossver, "The Simpsons Guy" but this time as his Family Guy counterpart (who is the mayor of Quahog, one of the regular characters and Lois Griffin's brother-in-law in the show) during the Duff Beer-Pawtucket Patriot Ale trial he is seen sitting with Mayor Quimby and asks if he is a mayor like him Quimby says yes and West asks if he is a "cool mayor" Quimby says he like to think so then they both leave the trial to do the "cool" which West was talking about.