Abraham Lincoln (or "Honest Abe") was the 16th President of the United States, the first President from the Republican Party and was a major figure in the abolitionist movement.

In 1860, Mabel Simpson was trying to get Virgil to Canada. While on their way, Mabel found that they were on a "MISSING" poster, and that they would most definitely be found because of Mabel's large hair. When he sees their problem, Abraham Lincoln says she can use his hat to hide her hair, and when Mabel put it on, she asked how does she look. When Abraham said that she looks like a pot-belly stove, Mabel gives him a dirty look. After seeing her bad look, Abe defends himself by saying, "Hey, hey. Honest Abe."[1]

Abraham Simpson I was most probably named after him. Since he helped Mabel and Virgil, this may be true.

There has also been a Kissing Lincolns Coin which was a coin with his face on both sides of one face so they looked like they were kissing.[2]

A squirrel was once found that resembled him. It later got assassinated.[3]

Non-Canon Appearances

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In Homer's dream, Homer saves Abe's life and gets his face on some money for it. Also, Abe is one of the celebrities in heaven, and it is implied that he loves George Washington.[4]