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  A to Z is a Butterfinger BB's commercial featuring Homer, Lisa, Bart and Maggie.


Bart and Lisa teases Homer with Butterfinger BBs when reading a book to Maggie.After they leaves,Maggie puts her pacifier on Homer's mouth,learning and teaching Homer a lesson.While she reads a book smilely,she looks up,while Homer sucks Maggie's pacifier(thus now is his pacifier).


  • It is opposition situation of The Big Surprise, the scene where Maggie pulls her pacifier from Homer's mouth. In this commercial, Maggie do the opposition, when she puts her pacifier on Homer's mouth, which also running on some cough gag.
  • Bart's lines may help Homer because:
    Homer: A, B...BB? D'uo!
      Bart: Mmm.
      Homer: BB? D'uo!
      [Lisa eats the Butterfinger BB.]
      Homer: C... BBB? D'uo! D...E...F...G...H...I...
      [Cut to Butterfinger BB's sequence.]
      Male announcer: Peanut buttery Butterfinger BB's. Is there any snack as crispity? No, there   isn't!
      Homer: J... K... L... M...
      Bart: N, O. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
      Homer: P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, you little! Ow! Woo-hoo!
      Bart: Butterfinger BB's!
      Zee ya later, Home boy.
      [Maggie takes her pacifier out of her mouth and puts her pacifier in Homer's mouth.]
    • Bart says: N, O,but he says "see" incorrectly,where "s" being replaced with "z".
    • Homer said "Mmmm...",because of English alphabet,only he mmms.
    • While Homer said "Y , you little",this can form into "Why you little!" line,but "Z" is on letter s' place on "see". Similar to Otto man forms into Ottoman.
  • It is similar to Good vs. Evil Bart,while Good Bart want share 'em,One less sister until Bart gets angry,then Maggie grabs one while Bart said"Nobody lay on my finger on my Butterfinger BB's" and Philosophy,where Martin Prince tells Bart to share his Butterfinger BB's with him.