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Beware My Cheating Bart
A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again
The Spy Who Learned Me
Homer: Choke on my numb blue hands.

Bart: But where does the ship stop again?
Homer: I don't know. A lot of barefoot kids kicking soccer balls, shell necklaces, they really hit the poverty nicely.

Lisa: It's so diverse! I've died and gone to a PBS kid's show!

Homer: Bart's been raptured! And his crap's been craptured!

Homer: Thanks to you, we're having fun. Before-we-had-kids fun!

Bart: There is no virus. I made the whole thing up.
Lifeguard Dave: But the general's warning!
Bart: That was Treat Williams in a movie.
Treat Williams: I thought that general looked familiar.
(Other passengers surround him)
Treat Williams: What? I'm in a lot of movies.

Lisa: Sure, life is full of pain and misery, but the trick is to enjoy the few good things in the moment.
Homer: Yeah, stupid. Stop thinking about having fun and have it.

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