22 For 30
A Father's Watch
The Caper Chase

Created by
Matt Groening

Developed by
James L. Brooks
Matt Groening
Sam Simon

A Father's Watch

Executive Producer
John Frink

Co-Executive Producers
J. Stewart Burns
Michael Price
Bill Odenkirk
Joel H. Cohen
Rob LaZebnik
Jeff Westbrook
Brian Kelley
Dan Vebber
Ryan Koh

Supervising Producer
Larina Jean Adamson

Consulting Producers
Dan Castellaneta
Dan Greaney
Tim Long
Carolyn Omine
David Silverman

Tom Gammill
Max Pross
Mike Scully
David Mirkin
Mike Reiss

Supervising Director
Mike B. Anderson

Produced by
Richard Raynis
Denise Sirkot
Richard Sakai

Written by
Simon Rich

Directed by
Bob Anderson

Executive Producers
Matt Selman
Al Jean
James L. Brooks
Matt Groening
Sam Simon

Dan Castellaneta
Julie Kavner
Nancy Cartwright
Yeardley Smith
Hank Azaria
Harry Shearer

Special Guest Voices
Vanessa Bayer
Brian Posehn
Rob Riggle
Adam Silver

Also Starring
Pamela Hayden
Tress MacNeille
Chris Edgerly
Maggie Roswell
Russi Taylor

Richard K. Chung
Alexander Duke

Animation Producers
Tom Klein
Andrea Romero

Post Production Co-Producer
Dominique Braud

Associate Producers
Felicia Nalivansky-Caplan
Brian J. Kaufman

Theme by
Danny Elfman

Music by
Alf Clausen

"You're the Best"

Written by

Bill Conti and Allee Willis

Performed by

Dan Castellaneta

Joe Esposito

Casting by
Scott Muller
Casting Associate
Nick Conti

Original Casting by
Bonita Pietila

Michael Bridge
Don Barrozo

Production Coordinator
Jesse D. Miller

Dialogue Sound Editors
Bobby Mackston
Norm MacLeod

Music Editing
Chris Ledesma, M.P.S.E

Sound Effects Editor
Travis Powers

Re-Recording Mixers
Mark Linden
Tara A. Paul, C.A.S

Production Mixer
David Betancourt

Sound Recordist
Christine Sirois

Music Scoring Mixer
Rick Riccio

Script Supervisor
Louise Jaffe

Production Accountant
Susan Lorenzana

Online Editor
Brian Lund

Post Production Audio Facility
Sony Picture Studio

Post Production Facility
Technicolor Creative Services

Presented in
Dolby Surround

Assistant to Mr. Brooks
Lisa Walder

Assistant to Mr. Groening
N. Vyolet Diaz

Assistant to Mr. Jean
Joe Clabby

Assistant to the Producers
Nick DahanDaniel Furlong
Juliet Kaufman • Nadine Mahasneh
Rachel Wiegman

Overseas Production by
Rough Draft

Overseas Animation Director
Chang, Myung Nam

Assistant Director
Herman Sharaf

Lead Animation Timer
Adam Kuhlman

Additional Timers
Ray Claffey
Douglas Gallery
Larry Smith

2nd Unit Director
Jennifer Moeller

Retake Director
K.C. Johnson

Supervising Storyboard Director
Matthew Schofield

Storyboard Artists
Gavin Freitas
Jeremy Robinson
Ralph Sosa

Storyboard Revisions
John Achenbach
Luis Escobar

Animatic Layout Artists
Grant Lee
Tom Madrid, Jr.

Animatic Editor
Roger Injarusorn

Background Designers
Lynna BlankenshipJeffrey A. Mertz
Daniel ChiuDebbie Peterson
Sean CoonsCharles Ragins
Jabu HendersonDean Scammahorn
Hugh MacDonald

Character Designers
Dale HendricksonTommy Tejeda
Eric S. KeyesJoe Wack
Kevin M. NewmanMatt Groening
Shannon O'ConnorSam Simon

Prop Designers
John MacFarlaneMike Pettengill
Kevin N. Moore - Jefferson R. Weekley

Lead Character Layout Artists
Jung A AndersonEric Lara
Adam DykstraDavy Lauterbach

Character Layout Artists
Edwin E. Aguilar Istvan Majoros
Norman P. AubleDrew McPahil
Greg CheckettsTuan Nguyen
Gabriel DeFrancescoSilvia Pompei
Manny DeGuzmanRyan Rivette
Lejon DourouxRick Salonga
Sooan KimCyndi Tang
Lance KramerJason D. Warnesky
Tom Madrid, Jr.

Lead Background Layout Artist
Sam Ho

Background Layout Artists
Geoffrey Anderson
Andy Chen
Leasa Epps-Eisele
Heejin Kim
John Liu
Steve Pilapil
Gerald Clifford Rey
George Villaflor

CG Artist
Brent M. Bowen

FX Layout Artists
John Dillon
Al Holter
John MacFarlane
Brice Mallier

Color Design Director
Dima Malanitchev

Color Designers
Eli Balser
Dominique Blaskovich
Anne Legge
Amy Rychlick

Assistant Color Designers
Mike Battle
Lisa S. Cervantes

Animation Checkers
William Bemiller
Esther H. Lee

Lead Digital Compositor
Steve Mills

Digital Compositors
Steven Fahey
Beth S. Morris
Rick Moser

Scene Planner
Erika Isabel Vega

Lip Sync
Robyn Anderson

Track Readers
Dennis Lee Harting
Laurie Wetzler

Assistant Editors
Kurtis Kunsak
Benjamin Morse

Animation Associate Producers
Peter Gave
Michael G. Mahan
Rebecca Totman

Animation Production Managers
Derek Higgs
Kip Lewis
Shelley McCully
Steven Schweickart

Animation Production Supervisor
Deirdre Creed

Animation IT Department Manager
David Orona

Animation Production Accountant
Will Anderson

Animation Payroll Accountant
Gerald Hawthorne

Animation IT Supports
Ché Ortiz
Matthew Nelson Lawrence

Animation Office Manager
Jane Rennegarbe

Animation Production Lead Coordinators
Edu Black
Brittney Anne Vasquez

Animation Production Coordinators
Robert BrunetteJames McKinnie
Sam GrinbergKatherine Seibert
Nikki IsordiaAngela Wixtrom
Ross McAlpine

Animation Digital Production Assistant
Kyle Janes

Animation Production Assistants
Jody BrooksRio Sakurai
Minni ClarkBrooks Stonestreet
Margaret GlaserLilly Thorne
Ronald McNuttJesse Torres Jr.


Jason Fabbro

The persons in this film are fictitious.
Any Similarity to actual persons
or events is unintentional.


Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
is the author of this motion picture
for purposes of copyright and other laws.
This motion picture is protected under laws
of the United States and the other countries.
Unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition
may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.
The Simpsons and The Simpsons characters
TM Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.


Creative Consultant
Matt Groening

Executive Creative Consultant
James L. Brooks




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