A Briss Before Dying is an episode of The Itchy & Scratchy Show.

Itchy lies on a table between a congregation of Jewish mice and Scratchy, who is saying a Hebrew prayer: "Baruch atah adonai, alohienu melech haholahm, boray pur" (a familiar blessing said over wine). Scratchy then pulls out a scalpel to circumcise Itchy. Seeing the scalpel makes Itchy agitated. He jumps up on Scratchy's head, pulls his eyeballs out, and throws them out the window. Attacking Itchy, Scratchy cuts himself to pieces. Itchy picks them up and puts them through a mincer (the eyeballs reappear) and applies the product to the end of a tube, then blows it in a fireplace as if it were made of glass, turning it into a goblet. He wraps it and stamps on it while the other mice clap, shouting "Mouse-el tov!" (a pun on "Mazeltov") Krusty says "and that's what I believe in now! Hoo-hoo-ha-ha-ha!"