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A Brand New Burns - Part One

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A Brand New Burns - Part One is the first part of the A Brand New Burns story. It appeared in Simpsons Comics 132 in America and Simpsons Comics 151 in the UK.


At the Power Plant company picnic, Mr. Burns has another one of his near death experiences. On the way home, after hearing Otto's speakers, Mr. Burns breaks all the bones. After 6 months in hospital, he goes to a Mexican health ranch, where he is drugged and forced into sweatshop work. He is replaced back in Springfield with a double, who starts selling everything. The real Burns puts a note in the product he is being forced to make. Over six weeks later, Homer gets the note and resolves to save his boss.


  • Script: Chuck Dixon
  • Pencils: John Constanza
  • Ink: Phyllis Novin
  • Colors: Art Villanueva
  • Letters: Karen Bates
  • Editor: Bill Morrison






  • Power Plant Company Picnic