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500th couch gag
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The 500th couch gag is the seventh couch gag of Season 23.

This couch gag is only used in At Long Last Leave, which is the 500th episode of The Simpsons as a whole.


The first four couch gags from Bart the Genius, Homer's Odyssey, Moaning Lisa and Bart Gets an "F" are shown at normal speed (with the first two shown in full and the last two shortened; they also have cleaner/updated versions of their original sound effects and the music is now the usual tune for the couch gag nowadays instead of the original version of the tune), followed by quick snapshots of the last 283 couch gags in the series (except for repeats, the couch gags referenced in episodes, Normal couch gag, and Snow Globe couch gag (the latter two is missing for unknown reasons)), from the Egyptian Dance couch gag to the 500th Episode Celebration couch gag.

Right after that, the Simpson family enters the living room and sits on the couch as usual, but they look around as the camera starts to pull back. Eventually, all 289 couch gags (including the shot of the family from seconds before in the middle) are collaged into into a mosaic that reads, "500". The mosaic then shatters, revealing Homer and Bart in tuxedos while Homer strangles Bart and says, "Why you little!"

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