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Stop or My Dog Will Shoot!
24 Minutes
You Kent Always Say What You Want


  • While the episode is based around only having 24 minutes the actual episode is about 21 minutes without commercial. Airing with commercials could possibly bring it up to 24.
    • However, the commentator says that the episode takes place between 2:34 and 3:04, 30 minutes.
  • Ingredients of the stink bomb: Roadkill, Burnt hair, the retainer case of Jimbo's sister, six weeks of bottled farts, possum placenta, sweat from a walk-around Goofy suit, and TCBY (That Container of Botulized Yogurt).
  • The upside-down newspaper Milhouse is holding is the Springfield Shopper. The headlines read "Mayor's Breath Still Problem", "Corn Less Popular" and "Bake Sale Today".
  • In the opening sequence, one of the CTU's computer screens shows Willie making out with Ms. Hoover.
  • Among the professional staff at Springfield Elementary is a secretary named Mrs. Lord.
  • Martin's Ant Farm brand is from Uncle Milton. In Bart on the Road, Bart calls him 'Milton' by mistake.
  • The name of Jimbo's mom is Carol.
  • This episode won the 2008 Annie Award for Best Writing in an Animated Television Production.
  • Bart's profile is a reference to The Simpsons Movie, where Bart drinks whisky. The movie actually comes out after the next episode, You Kent Always Say What You Want.

Cultural References

  • The entire episode is a parody of the show 24. Also can be a reference to the film 44 minutes based on the crime-themed plot as the story progresses.24, using the same episode structure and style. Jack Bauer, the main character of the show 24 makes a cameo in the episode.


  • Marge explaining about someone having 'tummy' trouble from eating Bart's shorts is a inside joke about Bart's common phase "Eat My Shorts!"

Notes on Known Profiles


  • Somehow, the lettering on Martin's sash can be read properly in the mirror's reflection.
  • In one of ventilation pipes there was Miss Hoover, most likely unconscious, with Santa's Little Helper. However, she appeared in the Bake Sale. The same happens to Üter - he is in spider's web in the ventilation pipe, but is seen in the Bake Sale. Both of these could be paper, as they follow the camera.

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