1895 Almanac is a book Apu uses to make sure the Simpson family buys items only available in 1895.


When the Simpsons family passed the audition in The Reality Channel studio, they started their new life in the TV reality show called The 1895 Challenge. They were required to live like it's 1895. When they came to the Kwik-E-Mart, they could only buy items available in 1895. When Apu didn't allow Marge to buy Oreos, non-scarring toilet paper and Urkel-O's, she tried to buy tampons at least. Apu didn't believe that tampons were available in 1895 and looked through a 1895 Almanac to find them and couldn't. Marge told him to look closer. When Apu sloped his head, she quickly slammed the book on his head. She then laughed and exited.