Don't make me run, I'm full of chocolate!
―Üter Zörker[src]

Üter Zörker is an obese exchange student from Germany.


Despite not being fully characterized, and obese, Üter is a good natured boy. He has a huge passion for eating unhealthy food, especially chocolate and candy, and can often be seen alone eating sweets, both at school and on the school bus. In a Treehouse of Horror segment, he actually ate flavored wax.

It is a ongoing joke during the series that he is dead. Though it is non-canonical, it has been thought that he is dead but not canon.

He is a player on the Kwik-E-Mart Gougers Peewee Hockey League Team. Üter also enjoys flirting with Lisa Simpson and sometimes tries to befriend Bart. He enjoys watching German football. He also seemed to be an enthusiast towards science fiction, as he was seen attending the Bi-Monthly-Science-Fiction-Convention.[1]

Üter once got left behind on the American Civil War field trip and subsequently went missing, as the class was forced to abandon the student when the Civil War re-enactment actors at Fort Springfield were in hot pursuit of the party after busting them for attempting to "learn for free". His parents demanded Skinner to inform them of their missing son's whereabouts[2]. However, he has since reappeared. He was once seen stuck in a cobweb in the school air vents [3]. Üter then reappeared some time afterwards.

It is mentioned that he has a crush on Janey Powell.

It is also seen that he is friends with Bartholomew Simpson.


Üter has two parents, and an uncle who is the a proud owner of a bubblegum factory in Düsseldorf (respectively Basel in the German version).

Behind the Laughter

The name "Üter" is a neologism (invention) of the Simpsons world and probably a misconstruction of the German name "Günther". In the German version of the show, the character is named "Üter" and is an exchange student from Germany with a thick German accent, and a characteristic love of chocolate, although the lederhosens he wears are more typical of Austria and Bavaria than of Germany.

He is one of the few characters that debuted in a Treehouse of Horror series episode to actually be integrated into canon.




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