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Season 18 episode 18

Do you think the people who bullied Bart should die?
  • Yes becuase they had no right to bully Bart
  • No
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Homer putting up lost posters?

Does anyone know which episode it is where homer is putting up tons of lost posters on a building, sighs in relief that the work is done,, then a crew comes and immediately demolishes the building?

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Why did Homer simpson lose his head?

I remember that there were many reasons why Homer lost his hair.

Tell me reasons & episodes.

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Your favorite episode and why?

I'm asking cause I want to know
Mine is probaply homer the great or lisa gets an A
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Marge on a dinosaur episode

Does anyone remember an episode where homer asks marge what she did all day and he imagines her riding around on a Brontosaurus? I cant find this clip anywhere.

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Marge on a dinosaur

Does anyone remember an episode where homer asks marge what she did all day and he imagines her riding around on a Brontosaurus? I cant find this clip anywhere.

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Doese aneyone know what times and on what's canil S30E01 Wil premiere

I can't find season 30 episode 1 on aney one of oure FOX channel in south Africa we have FOX HD and FOX Life can you please help me to find it I really want to watch it
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Goodbye to The Simpsons, Disney cancels it!!!

After the thirtieth-first season, this is their final, of all of the Fox Purchase, Disney runs out of The Simpsons .....

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Theory:The second Simpsons movie shall be the series finale

So as most of you know it was recently announced that the second Simpsons movie is in the works, which is strange because it’s been nearly 11 years since the first movie came out and will be longer when the second one does,
So why now are they deciding to make a second movie (except for the fact Disney now owns them), well I believe that the second movie shall mark the end of the Simpsons, since it’s already been confirmed that Season 31 is happening so they aren’t ending on season 30, like I originally expected, so if they are passing the opportunity of making the series go out with a bang by making it end on the 30th season, wouldn’t it make sense for them to end on a bang with a full length film, if I’m correct I hope they bring back to original writers so they can end on a high note, what are your thoughts on this?
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Itchy In Library At Cinema

Itchy In Library At Cinema
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Simpson’s “I’m just a girl who can’t day d’oh” prediction

My plot prediction is this- Lisa Can’t Say D’oh

Just Kidding, this is my real plot prediction- Lisa has made a lot of stupid mistakes and worries she might be turning into homer

I know we had a plot like this before but it can be done differently
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Nickelodeon Buys The Simpsons for 1000 million of dollars

Fox sells The Simpsons to Nickelodeon...
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The Simpsons confirmed more seasons from the year 252525

all the writers have replaced by some writing-bots, continue on Nickelodeon
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Simpsons Season 30 Episode 1

Hi guys, if you didn’t know, on the wiki it says that S30 E1 “Bart’s Not Dead” will premiere on September 30. If you need some proof, here is some proof , the futon critic is very reliable all of the time so it’s true
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Bartman meets Radioactive man

Just got a Simpsons comic from this antique shop, its prety cool
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How inappropriate The Simpsons can be

Lots if you ask me. When Moe wins his face on the Duff calender there is sex refences so this is NOT for kids. If theres kids in them it doesn't mean it is for kids.
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